Emma Stone


Summer's It Girl

Stone becomes one of Hollywood's most sought-after ingénues, landing supporting roles in Friends with Benefits (costarring Justin Timberlake) and Crazy, Stupid, Love (opposite Ryan Gosling). "The Emma Stone Character represents a kind of young American female role (and role model) in precious short supply these days," EW praises of her "hot summer."

Emma Stone

August 10

'Help' Wanted

Stone plays the lead role opposite Viola Davis in The Help, the film adaptation of the best-selling novel about a young writer (Stone) who tells the stories of black maids set in 1960s South. The controversial film marks Stone's first attempt at drama. "The girl I play in The Help is such a realist. She's not a martyr," she says. "It's another great character for me – a real no-brainer to say 'yes.'"

Emma Stone

late August

A New Romance

Stone, 22, is linked to Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield, 28, with whom she grabs a bite in Malibu. "She's just an incredible actress, and she's one of the most spirited people I've ever met and just incredible fun to be around generally," the British actor says of Stone. "On top of which, she's beautiful and talented and kind of impossible to dream up."


Emma Stone

Cover Girl

Stone, 23, lands her first Vogue cover, posing in a series of stylish photos and dishing on her fashion inspiration. "I never really wanted to dress like anyone – well, that's not true," she tells the magazine. "I probably wanted to dress like Diane Keaton, but that's just because I love her so much…She's really herself, and that's what I like."

Emma Stone

July 03

Web of Love

With her real-life leading man at her side, Stone basks in the success of The Amazing Spider-Man's blockbuster opening. The film, in which she plays Peter Parker's first love interest Gwen Stacy, takes the No. 1 spot, bringing in $65 million its opening weekend.


Emma Stone


Broadway Baby

Stone branches out, joining the cast of Broadway's Cabaret after Michelle Williams ends her run as Sally Bowles. "I've wanted to play Sally Bowles since I was 10, when I saw Natasha Richardson in Cabaret," Stone tells VanityFair.com. "I can't believe this is actually happening!"

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Emma Stone

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