A Village of Hope

In the African nation of Malawi, families toil in fields as malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases go untreated. But hope is within reach: The Millennium Promise, a philanthropy run by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs and supported by Angelina Jolie, is working with 60 villages (so far) to make them healthily self-sufficient through such simple tools as schools, seeds and clean drinking water. Here is what PEOPLE reporter Mary Green saw in the village of Mwandana.


One of the area's biggest needs is medical care and prevention. In Malawi, where the infant mortality rate is 1 in 9, children frequently die from malaria, malnutrition and diarrhea. Hospitals, which are usually filled to 200 percent capacity or more, rely on parents and grandparents to tend to the youngest patients, leaving each ward standing-room-only.