Mia Farrow: A Trip to Darfur

In June, actress Mia Farrow returned from a weeklong trip to Darfur, the conflict-ravaged region in western Sudan, with images of "unthinkable suffering" – and a passion for the people who have survived. “The people I met, the stories I heard – all of it is seared into me,” Farrow, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, tells PEOPLE. “I am not the same person anymore.” Here are her photos and recollections of her journey. By Joanne Fowler


SLA rebels in Galap, in northern Darfur, protect the women and children from getting caught in the crossfire. Despite a peace agreement, "various groups are armed and dangerous and they are now fighting each other," says Farrow. "It is a war of the worst kind."

HOW YOU CAN HELP: At the moment, 7,000 peacekeeping forces from the African Union monitor the region, but are set to pull out in September. For more information, go to www.unicefusa.org or savedarfur.org

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