Harrison Ford in Stable Condition After Plane Crash

Attack of the '90s!

Hot Mamaguchi! The New Kids! Sweet Valley High! See how the biggest hits from the last decade are making a comeback. By Cara Lynn Shultz


Then: The choreographer turned pop star topped the charts in '91 with "Rush Rush" – remember its Rebel Without a Cause-inspired video, costarring Keanu Reeves? Her love life also made headlines, when she married and later divorced Brat Packer Emilio Estevez.

Now: The American Idol judge is straight up returning to her roots! Abdul unveiled "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" – her first single in 15 years – at the Super Bowl. The track will appear on fellow Idol judge Randy Jackson's compilation, Randy Jackson's Music Club, Vol 1. No word yet on MC Skat Kat's cooperation.