Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith's Rise to Ultimate Power Couple

What marriage troubles? With love, support – and a lot of hit movies – the twosome have maintained their reign as one of Hollywood's hottest unions


The now-hyphenated Pinkett-Smith flaunts her baby bump at the 1998 Blockbuster Awards (where Smith wins favorite sci-fi actor for Men in Black). The couple welcome son Jaden on July 7, adding daughter Willow in 2000. A child of divorce, Pinkett-Smith is committed to including her stepson, Trey, in the family, calling him her "bonus son." "I refused to have Trey feel like a stepchild," she says. "He is not from my body, but he is a huge part of my spirit and my soul." The couple later produce the UPN sitcom All of Us, about a blended family like theirs.