The Avengers' Not-So-Super Early Roles

Iron Man as as an '80s bully? The Hulk battling a haunted mirror? See the heroes before they became megastars


Like Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts, Hemsworth cut his acting chops on Aussie soap Home and Away. As Kim Hyde, he dropped out of school, was in a seaplane accident, dated the Summer Bay Stalker, got dumped by his fiancée, found out his son wasn't his, took drugs, watched his dad get jailed for murdering the mayor, was almost blown up, was in another crash – this time a helicopter – and got lost in the Australian bush, which somehow gave him the mumps. Which made him infertile. And in this clip, his wife also cheated on him. Now, he wields the hammer of the gods as Thor. Suck on that, mumps!