Life After Survivor: 10 Winners Tell AllOne went to jail, one launched a clothing line, one waits tables. See how fortunes change after taking home $1 million


The show's very first winner, Survivor: Borneo's Hatch, spent nearly three years in federal prison for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize. The legal fees and missed work "more than wiped out the money," he says. After a stint on Celebrity Apprentice, Hatch, 51, shopped around two reality shows; one about boating, the other about his family. "I'm doing well," he told PEOPLE at this weekend's Lexin Capital-sponsored Hearts of Reality event in Celebration, Fla., which benefits the charity Give Kids the World. "I have a lot going on. I've got a great family. I've been with a wonderful man since 2003. I'm happy."