The Bachelor: Sean Lowe's Road to the Final Rose in Five ClicksCatch up before tonight's finale: How Lindsay and Catherine won Sean's heart


Both women prove to be group-date standouts – one for her humor, the other for a "passionate" kiss. On the Harlequin group date (below), Catherine impressed him with her humor: "She slipped me a note that said she's vegan but loves the beef, implying that I'm a beefcake," Sean wrote in his blog. "I definitely knew I wanted to spend more time with Catherine." After a sporty beach group date (above) the next week, Sean gave a rose to Lindsay for opening up. "She told me how badly she wants to love ... and how she wants to find someone to share life with. I was blown away!" he wrote. "We ended with a very passionate kiss, which lingered in my mind for a longtime after."