Flashback: It Girls Then & Wow!

Time seems to have stood still for Bo Derek, Ashley Judd and Keri Russell and more age-defying faces of the '80s and '90s


If ever there was a perfect 10, it was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed 23-year-old who captured moviegoers' attention cavorting in a swimsuit and cornrows (and sparking a global hair trend!) in the 1979 Dudley Moore rom-com, 10. In June 2014, the now 57-year-old attended the Taormina Film Fest with longtime love, John Corbett (Parenthood), and she looked as fresh-faced as ever. But aging doesn't worry her. "I look at my [facial] lines," she told Hello! magazine in 2008, "and I think, 'Well, shoot! They're marks of a lot of fun.'"