From Whitey to Wolf: Johnny Depp's Character Inspirations

Sorry, who inspired Jack Sparrow? Slide to reveal the famous faces who shaped the actor's most memorable transformations


Playing the famous Boston mobster in 2015's Black Mass, Depp obviously didn't have to look far for inspiration. But he did dive deep into now-86-year-old Bulger's persona. "The first thing for me was to understand him first and foremost as a human being," Depp told reporters at the film's premiere. "Anybody and everybody, especially the families of his victims, could say 'He's just an evil person.' I don't believe that exists. People have their humanity, everything they've carried with them since they were children. There's a side of James Bulger who is not just that man who was in that business." Depp did try to reach out to Bulger – who has been in prison since his 2011 arrest – but according to the mobster's attorney, he has no interest in the film.