Life After Scandal: What Happens Next?

From Paula Deen's recipe for disaster to Charlie Sheen's not-so-winning rants, see how controversy rocked these stars' careers


The Scandal: Verbally attacked a couple with racial and religious slurs
The House of Dior designer was suspended in February 2011 for making racial and anti-Semitic remarks toward a couple at a Paris café. When a bombshell video surfaced showing the designer declaring "I love Hitler," he was promptly fired from Dior and, six months later, found guilty of making anti-Semitic comments. The fine: 6,000 euros ($8,500) and Natalie Portman's disproval – as well as the public's. The announcement of a 2013 Galliano-led workshop at New York's Parsons The New School for Design ignited outrage and was ultimately canceled. Galliano continues to apologize, pleading in a June interview with Charlie Rose, "I hope through my atonement, I will be given a second chance."