Teresa Giudice: From Housewife to the Big House in 5 Clicks

After gaining TV fame and building a lifestyle empire, the reality star now faces 15 months in prison on fraud charges


It wasn't long before the Jersey native's ugly side came out as she argued with costar Danielle Staub over Staub's sketchy past. The feud led to Giudice's infamous wild-eyed, table-flipping freak-out on the season 1 finale, in which she upended a fully loaded dinner table while declaring Staub a "prostitution whore." "She just snapped," Caroline Manzo admitted. "We all have our breaking points." Giudice, however, said her husband, Joe, was "really turned on" by her display. "When we went home we really got it on," she smiled. "I was like, 'I should flip tables more often.'"