You Won't Believe These Celebrity Look-Alikes!

Is that Jason or Ed? Eva or Ashley? These near-perfect pairs will make you do a double-take


On Conan, Sudeikis revealed that he's constantly mistaken for his Vacation costar. "Ed Helms and I, I think, get confused quite a bit, the two of us," he said. The actor added that he isn't bothered by the mix-ups because "I'm in a good place in the sense that mine is a really nice, funny, smart guy." Sudeikis even embraced an awkward run-in at the White House Correspondents' Dinner when a fellow attendee who had asked for a picture seemed taken aback when he said his name was "Jason." "Did you think I was Ed Helms from The Hangover?" the star recalled asking the fan. "Yes, but it's OK," she replied. "You look enough like him."