Five Reasons the Oscar Pistorius Case Isn't a Slam Dunk

The Olympic athlete admitted to shooting his girlfriend to death on Valentine's Day 2013, but was it an accident or premeditated?


Early in the investigation, officer Hilton Botha handled the case. He was quickly removed after he was embarrassed by Pistorius's defense team. During the runner's bail hearing, it was revealed the crime scene was contaminated when Botha did not wear protective shoe covers. In an unexpected twist, Botha was charged with attempted murder, along with two other officers, for shooting at a minicab taxi in 2011. Months later, police chief Colonel Schoombie van Rensburg resigned after the media learned that he failed to properly secure crucial evidence, namely the bathroom door. "It was covered with a body bag, cable ties and tape. It was kept inside van Rensburg's office," an unidentified officer told the local paper The Sunday Times. "It was actually lying on the floor in front of his desk and only taken away about a week later."