Derick & Jill Duggar Dillard: Inside Their Whirlwind Romance

One year after starting a courtship, the couple prepares to welcome their first child! Look back at their fast lane to love


Love is in the air as the Duggars announce that their second daughter Jill, then 22, entered a courtship in November 2013 with 25-year-old Derick Dillard. "I was really impressed with his character," Jill tells PEOPLE. "He's a great guy." Her father, Jim Bob, introduced the two after meeting Dillard via email; the lovebirds got to know each other over Skype and text before she traveled to Nepal, where he was doing missionary work, to meet him – with dad in tow. "I was in love with someone I had never met in person, but we really knew each other well," Jill says of those early months. "I think it could be that I just met my future husband."