PEOPLE Exclusive: Biggest Losers Then & NowAs the NBC weight-loss show celebrates its 10th year, see how some of your fan favorites have stayed slim. Catch season 16 Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC!


Then: "Prior to The Biggest Loser, food was everything to me," says Jackie, who weighed 246 lbs. before losing 89 lbs. while competing on season 5 alongside her son. Dan lasted 10 weeks longer than his mother on the ranch and lost almost half of his 310 lbs., weighing in at just 174 lbs. at the finale.
Now: Dan, 27, and Jackie, 58, head up the Biggest Loser Run/Walks and have run a total of 42½ marathons between them. "I still try and cut out all fast food," says Jackie, who has only put back on 11 lbs. from her finale weight. Dan has only put back on 10 lbs. – and released a country album in 2008.