PEOPLE Exclusive: Biggest Losers Then & NowAs the NBC weight-loss show celebrates its 10th year, see how some of your fan favorites have stayed slim. Catch season 16 Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC!


Then: The real estate investor began season 2 of the NBC reality weight-loss competition weighing 401 lbs. He only lasted six episodes as a contestant, but Thomas went on to win the at-home prize of $100,000 after losing a total of 185 lbs.
Now: The author of Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever, 46, lives diabetes-free – and has only 10 percent body fat. Though he has gained 22 lbs. – he now weighs 238 lbs. – Thomas remains dedicated to his diet and exercise routine. "Many of us contestants have struggled with food addiction," he tells PEOPLE. "I am no different. And just like any other addict, I have to be vigilant."