12 Celebs Who Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

From Donald Trump to 50 Cent, see which stars started a new chapter after filing for Chapter 11


The legal fees she accumulated from her six-year custody battle with former boyfriend Harvey Keitel over their daughter Stella forced Bracco to file for bankruptcy in 1999. The filing, she told the New York Post at the time, was necessary "to keep a roof over my kids's heads." But her struggles would soon be over: That same year, The Sopranos premiered and – bada bing! – the rest is history. "The show was a blessing," Bracco, who would soon earn enough money to invest in real estate and her own wine company, told the San Francisco Gate. "It gives me huge financial security. It meant I could think, 'Oh, my God! I can go to work next year. I don't really have to worry.'"