America's Youngest Convicted Killers

As one of America's youngest convicted killers goes free, we look back at the other troubled youths who spent their childhood behind bars

Alex and Derek King

Age at Time of Crime: Alex (12) and Derek (13)

Age at Conviction: Alex (13) and Derek (14)

Crime: Worried about getting in trouble for running away with family friend and convicted child molester, 41-year-old Ricky Chavis, Alex allegedly encouraged Derek to fatally bash in their father's skull and then set their Florida home on fire in 2001.

Sentence: The brothers were initially found guilty of second-degree murder, but the convictions were thrown out and the boys were given a new trial. In their second trial, both Alex and Derek pled guilty to third-degree murder and arson. Alex served seven years in a juvenile prison, while Derek served eight in a separate juvenile facility.