America's Youngest Convicted Killers

As one of America's youngest convicted killers goes free, we look back at the other troubled youths who spent their childhood behind bars

Xavier McElrath-Bey

Age at Time of Crime: 13

Age at Conviction: 13

Crime: In 1989, McElrath-Bey allegedly helped a Chicago gang lure a rival gang member into an abandoned building, where that rival was beaten to death and set on fire.

Sentence: McElrath-Bey was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in the murder, after pleading guilty to the charges. He served 13 years before being released. During his incarceration, McElrath-Bey decided to change the troubling path of his life, reports The New York Times. Now in his thirties, the former inmate has dedicated himself to the world of youth justice advocacy, fighting to keep teens and children out of prison and for the fairer sentencing of juveniles.