America's Youngest Convicted Killers

As one of America's youngest convicted killers goes free, we look back at the other troubled youths who spent their childhood behind bars

Nathaniel Abraham

Age at Time of Crime: 11

Age at Conviction: 13

Crime: In 1997, Abraham was arrested for killing 18-year-old carpenter Ronnie Greene Jr. while he exited a Pontiac, Michigan, convenience store. The 11-year-old boy allegedly killed the man with a single rifle shot to head.

Sentence: Abraham was charged as an adult under Michigan's controversial Juvenile Waiver Law that allows children of any age accused of violent crimes to be charged, tried and sentenced as adults. The boy pled not guilty to the charges, including first-degree murder. During the trail his defense team maintained that Abraham had the mentality of a 6-year-old, reports CBS News, and it was unfair for him to be tried as an adult. A jury found the boy guilty of second-degree murder. While the sentencing judge had the option to send Abraham to prison, reports The Associated Press, the boy ended up being sentenced as a minor. Abraham was sent to a juvenile detention facility where he was closely monitored until his release on his 21st birthday in 2007.