From 1912 to 1926: How the Residents of Downton Abbey Changed

Fourteen years (in Downton time) after we met the Crawley family and their loyal staff – here's how things changed for the characters who have been there through it all


When we first met Lady Edith, she was the pathetic, oft-forgotten middle sister. She stayed pretty miserable throughout most of the show, and really, who can blame her? She was left at the altar. The man who loved her had a secret insane wife and then was killed in Germany, where he was trying to get a divorce. Then, she found out she was pregnant with said dead man's child. Plus, her sister was pretty much constantly snarking on her. So by the time the final season rolled around, it was clear: Edith was in serious need of a heavy dose of happiness. She got it in the form of Bertie Pelham, the Marquess of Hexam, her now-husband who gave her both a title that outranks the rest of her family and a welcoming home for her daughter, Marigold.