From 1912 to 1926: How the Residents of Downton Abbey Changed

Fourteen years (in Downton time) after we met the Crawley family and their loyal staff – here's how things changed for the characters who have been there through it all


We wish we could say that after 14 years Lady Mary got a bit nicer, but as the penultimate episode shows, her mean streak is still alive and well. What has changed for Mary (besides the loss of her husband, Matthew) is her more involved role with the management of the estate. In the show's first episode, she was angry that her mother's fortune and her father's estate would go to an unknown heir. Now, she's a partial owner of Downton, thanks to Matthew, and took on the role of joint land agent alongside brother-in-law Tom. She may never be the Countess of Grantham (tear), but she's effectively taken the reins from her father – quite a feat for a woman who once said that she felt she had no greater purpose beyond "finding a husband and getting out of the way."