EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! Mindy Kaling and Betty White Crack Dirty Jokes and Blaze Comedy TrailsThe 94-year-old comedy legend and The Mindy Project creator-star compare (hilarious) notes on their experiences on the small screen


WHITE: "I was completely in a man's world – but this was before the women's movement. I didn't think in those terms. I guess I was in television so early that they hadn't discovered that they shouldn't have women in there!"
KALING: "[When I first started working on The Office,] proving myself was less about being a woman or a minority, which is my otherness, and more about being, at 24, the only person who had not worked in TV before. … [Now that I'm running my own show,] I see a lot of streaks of overt sexism, and that's good for me to see. Because as an employer, I want to make sure that I don't allow that on my little show."