10 Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out On Their Near-Death Experiences

These stars have been on the brink of death – and reflected about how the experience has changed them


While vacationing in the tropics, the "Make Me" singer experienced a terrifying near-death situation – she almost drowned in the Pacific Ocean. "I went out, and I thought it was like a wave pool, and I was like, 'This is so nice and refreshing and just beautiful,' " Spears told BBC Radio 1. "But the thing I didn't think about is when you come back, the waves really come in hard." She said she got sucked under "6-ft. waves" for five minutes and thought she was going to die. "And I'm like, where is my security? They're just going to let me die here?" she recalled. "And then I came in again and another wave took me under." Fortunately, she made it to shore, safe and sound.