Stars' Best Parts

They say the camera adds 10 lbs. – so staying trim and toned in Hollywood must be almost as tough as winning an Oscar. In recognition of those who live by the motto "No pain, no gain," we've chosen the physical attributes of the stars we think have benefited from it most. From Ben's chest to Geri's abs, each qualifies as a perfect part – and as any actor can tell you, finding those in Hollywood is rare indeed.


Before landing the lead on Alias, Garner "looked good," says her trainer, Valerie Waters, "but we had to step it up because spies are in really good shape." Garner keeps her arms toned with "three sets of biceps curls and maybe six sets of triceps" at least thrice weekly, Waters says, adding, "We focus on strength. She's not this girl that's ripped but can't do a pull-up."