Nicole Kidman: Becoming a Beauty

She may be one of PEOPLE's Most Beautiful faces now, but that wasn't always the case for Nicole Kidman, 34. During her awkward teenage years, Kidman tells the magazine, it was sister Antonia who got the stares. "We'd walk down the street and people would go, 'Oh Nicole, isn't your sister gorgeous?' " These days, Nicole isn't having any trouble turning heads both onscreen and off. Look back at her stunning transformation through the years.


A cherubic-looking Kidman, 2, puts the squeeze on her father, Antony. Of her relationship with her psychologist dad, who's divorced from her mom, Kidman tells PEOPLE that since her own divorce from Cruise, "I'd always been much closer to my mother, and suddenly my father stepped forward and said, 'Lean on me.' "