Stars of the Year

From Jessica and Johnny to Mary-Kate and Ashley ... and all the way to The O.C., meet the most talked-about celebs of 2003.

  • BEST HOPE FOR HOPELESS HETEROS photo | Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen, Thom Filicia

Credit: M. Clamer/Stockland Martel

Updated: Saturday Apr 03, 2004 | 09:00 AM EST


"Tragic!" was the rallying cry of Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy crew (clockwise from top, Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, Ted Allen, Thom Filicia and Kyan Douglas) as they trained pathetic schlumps to "flip it, slip it and reverse it" to tie their ties, and to always – always! – "shave with the grain."