Celeb Couples: Is It True Love?

They hold hands on the red carpet and cuddle for the cameras, but what's really going on between stars like Jay-Z and Beyoncé and Paris and Nick? With Valentine's Day approaching, we asked body language expert Tracey Cox, contributor to TLC's Date Patrol and author of Superflirt, to examine recent snapshots of celeb twosomes – read on to find out how hot (or not!) their love really is.


Does Bruce Willis like strong, self-assured women? He was married to Demi Moore, after all, and current girlfriend Brooke Burns seems to fit the mold. "She's got a big smile, and the fact that she's stepping ahead shows she's the boss in the relationship," Cox notes. Willis, however, seems gun-shy. "He's hanging back a bit. He's slightly nervous about what people think."