5 Things to do in … Charleston (with Kids)

Traveling with kids can sometimes mean missing out on the best a destination has to offer, but for Charleston, South Carolina, it's a prime reason to visit. PEOPLE's Regan Stephens highlights the best things to eat, see and do with the whole family


Overall, Charleston's a relaxed and kid-friendly city, so bringing our daughter to the early seating at many restaurants felt perfectly fine. But even if your squad isn't up for adult dining, there are plenty of casual options that offer a true taste of Southern food at its finest. Get hot buttermilk biscuits filled with country ham, blackberries or cinnamon at Callie's, fried chicken, hush puppies and soft serve ice cream with sprinkles at Leon's and the most incredible diner fare – including shrimp and grits and homemade chocolate pudding – at Hominy Grill.