The Most Scathing Restaurant Reviews Ever

The knives are out! Check out the top takedowns of some of the world's most famous restaurants

We've all been there. You splurge for dinner at that upscale, impossible-to-get-into restaurant only to experience mediocre food, rude service and a check you need to look over three times because it can't possibly be right ("They charged me for a napkin?"). You go home, write a nasty Yelp! review and shake your fist to the sky, knowing that one day that place will answer to a higher power. No, not God. The restaurant critic. For in the culinary world, a critic's word is gospel and a bad review can do some serious damage to both the restaurant and the chef's reputations. But for the rest of us, a bad review is just plain fun to read! That's why we're serving up some of the finest restaurant takedowns, not-so-lovingly prepared by critics from The New York Times and other fine publications, all with a bit of a bite and an extra side of sass.