Jamie Lynn Spears: Snapshot

Jamie Lynn Spears
Date of Birth
April 04, 1991
Birth Place
McComb, Miss.
Long known as the kid sister of troubled pop star Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn made surprising headlines of her own when she announced her pregnancy at age 16.

The youngest Spears stepped out on her own in 2002 as a cast member of Nickelodeon's All That. After becoming a fan favorite – like former All That stars Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon – the then 13-year-old got her own series, Zoey 101, which became the second highest-rated show among tweens, after TV juggernaut American Idol.

In June 2008, Jamie Lynn welcomed daughter Maddie Briann with then-fiancé Casey Aldridge. The couple split in 2010, and Spears moved on with businessman Jamie Watson, whom she married in early 2014.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Five Fun Facts

  1. Jamie Lynn Spears, who played the child version of Britney in 2002's Crossroads, told PEOPLE of her resemblance to her big sister, "Honestly and truly, I think she looks like me."
  2. At 11, Jamie Lynn Spears was the youngest cast member of Nickelodeon's sketch-comedy show All That. She was hired after Nickelodeon execs saw her perform a rap number with her brother Bryan on the VH1 celebrity biography show Driven in 2002.
  3. In 2002, Jamie Lynn Spears told Oprah Winfrey, "My advice to Britney is to just scoot over 'cause I'm coming through and I'm going to be the star pretty soon!"
  4. Britney Spears cowrote the title song, "Follow Me," for Jamie Lynn's series Zoey 101. And the younger Spears sister sings it. "Yes sir, she wrote it and I changed a few little words here and there. But she helped me a lot," Jamie Lynn told the Ventura County Star.
  5. The fictional Pacific Coast Academy on Jamie Lynn Spears' Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, is actually shot on location at Malibu's Pepperdine University.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Biography


Jamie Lynn Spears

Showbiz Blood

The Spears women – mother Lynne, aspiring performer Britney and baby sister Jamie Lynn (left) – move to New York so Britney can get closer to the casting action. Lynne's husband, Jamie, a building contractor, and her eldest child, Bryan, stay behind in their native Kentwood, La. After landing in an Off-Broadway play, Britney decides she wants to go back home. Shortly after their return, the elder Spears sister gets cast in The New Mickey Mouse Club, where she performs with future boyfriend Justin Timberlake.


Jamie Lynn Spears


Big Sis Brit Undresses

Britney's debut music video, "...Baby One More Time," causes a media firestorm for its sexual nature – the 17-year-old budding pop star is outfitted in a schoolgirl's uniform, revealing her midriff. Although she becomes pop's favorite Lolita, Britney (inset) is a down-home girl, who loves her seven-year-old baby sister (right, pictured with Lynne). "I like to take care of her. She's really, really sweet," Britney tells the Orlando Sentinel. "One time she had my CD in her stereo and was just singing away. She doesn't know any of the words – was just making them up."


Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn's All That

Jamie Lynn joins Nickelodeon in the kid network's sketch series, All That (pictured in a scene with her sister's boyfriend Justin Timberlake). "Of course I'm biased, but I definitely think Jamie Lynn has that 'It' quality," Britney tells USA Today. "She shines, and I'm proud of her." But Lynne gives her a relatively normal upbringing, keeping her in school at Kentwood's private Park Lane Academy and letting her shoot with Nickelodeon during her summer breaks.

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