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Jennifer Aniston
Date of Birth
February 11, 1969
Birth Place
Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Jennifer Aniston catapulted into stardom as spoiled-but-lovable Rachel Green on the hit TV series Friends. "The Rachel," her layered haircut, sparked a nationwide trend and transformed Aniston into a style icon.

In 2000, she married heartthrob Brad Pitt, but filed for divorce four and a half years later. When reports emerged of Pitt's romance with Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie, Aniston earned admiration from fans for her poise and resilience. But she quickly rebounded with her The Break-Up costar Vince Vaughn and younger heartthrob John Mayer until choosing to walk down the aisle again with Wanderlust costar Justin Theroux, who proposed in 2012.

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Before she presents at Sunday's Golden Globes, take a look back as the ultimate all-American girl perfects her classic style – and those famous locks! (02:31)

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Jennifer Aniston: Five Fun Facts

  1. In high school, Jennifer Aniston rocked "a mini Mohawk, just above my ears, and lots of liquid eyeliner," she told PEOPLE in 1997.
  2. Before she had the most famous hair in showbiz, Jennifer Aniston kept a tiny pair of scissors in the glove compartment of her car to cut split ends.
  3. At the 1998 premiere of Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black, Jennifer Aniston and her then-unconfirmed love interest set the Hollywood red carpet trend of arriving in separate limos to avoid being photographed together.
  4. Jennifer Aniston doesn't have a sweet tooth. "That always drove Matthew Perry crazy," she told PEOPLE. "I could have one M&M."
  5. Jennifer Aniston messed up the bouquet toss at her wedding to Brad Pitt: On the first attempt, her flowers bounced off a hanging lamp and back into her hands.

Jennifer Aniston: Biography


Jennifer Aniston

January 08

Not So Lucky Break

After skipping college to wait tables and pursue acting in New York and Hollywood, Aniston appears in the horror flick Leprechaun. But there it's no pot of gold: The film pulls in just $8.5 million. However, her luck soon changes when she reads for a new sitcom called Friends. She lands the part of Rachel Green just three hours after her audition.


Jennifer Aniston

December 25


Aniston's layered haircut dubbed "The Rachel," after her Friends character, launches a national trend. "It's bizarre," 26-year-old Aniston tells PEOPLE in December. "I keep thinking, 'Wait – it's just me!' "


Jennifer Aniston

July 29

Jen & Brad: "I Do"

In a top-secret Malibu ceremony, Aniston marries Brad Pitt. In front of their 200 guests, Aniston promises to make her husband's "favorite banana milkshake." The wedding costs an estimated $1 million which includes 50,000 flowers, four bands, Dom Perignon and fireworks. The newlyweds go on to purchase a $13.5 million five-bedroom Beverly Hills estate.

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Jennifer Aniston

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