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Jennifer Lawrence
Date of Birth
August 15, 1990
Birth Place
Louisville, Ky.
Jennifer Lawrence had to downplay her looks to land her Oscar-nominated role in Winter's Bone, but when she hit the 2011 Academy Awards red carpet in that headline-grabbing scarlet gown, it was clear she was out of the Ozark woods.

The plucky cheerleader from Kentucky has used this power of transformation to her advantage in her young career. Her all-American looks landed her a modeling gig for Abercrombie & Fitch, then she kick-started her acting career on TBS's The Bill Engvall Show before getting in touch with her gritty side (she skinned a squirrel!) for 2010's Winter's Bone.

With a Best Actress Oscar nod under her belt, Lawrence landed high-profile parts in 2011's X-Men: First Class and the blockbuster adaptation of the young-adult trilogy The Hunger Games, in which she plays badass heroine Katniss Everdeen. Her 2012 turn as a troubled widow in Silver Linings Playbook cemented her rise to the top, scoring her a Best Actress Oscar. She followed it up with a third Oscar nomination the next year for American Hustle.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Five Fun Facts

  1. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella in Twilight. Luckily she lost out to Kristen Stewart, making her available to shoot her star-making role in Winter's Bone.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence's parents tried to deter her from acting. "My parents were the exact opposite of stage parents. They did everything in their power to keep it from happening," she told Canadian paper The Globe and Mail.
  3. The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson pranked Jennifer Lawrence by putting a mangled dummy in her on-set bathroom. "When she opened the door, she peed her pants. Or so I was told – she told me later," Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, told EW. "I did not get visual confirmation on that one."
  4. When she's not acting, Jennifer Lawrence enjoys painting. "I'm going through a woman phase right now," she told T Magazine of her preferred subject matter.
  5. For X-Men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence's body was painted blue by seven women each day during the four-month shoot. "Those girls and I got so close," she's said. "It was kind of like going to a really bizarre sleepover."

Jennifer Lawrence: Biography


Jennifer Lawrence

New York Minute

A high school cheerleader and local theater regular, Lawrence visits New York with her mom to interview at talent agencies. While strolling around Manhattan, "a guy asked to take my picture," Lawrence recounts in an Esquire interview. "We probably should have realized how creepy that was." Fortunately, he turns out to be a legitimate scout, and agents soon come calling.


Jennifer Lawrence

Steady Gigs

Having finished high school early, Lawrence returns to New York and lands a smattering of gigs, including an Abercrombie & Fitch ad, a Burger King commercial, and appearances on TV's Monk and Medium. She soon relocates to L.A. for the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show. "From 15 to 16 I sucked, because I had no idea what I was doing. Then I slowly stopped sucking," she says of her early acting experience.


Jennifer Lawrence

Bad to the 'Bone'

After starring in two hard-hitting indie dramas, (The Burning Plain and The Poker House), Lawrence auditions for the lead in Winter's Bone. Wary of her good looks, producers initially reject her for the gritty role of Ree Dolly, a poor-as-dirt teen who hunts down her meth-dealing dad. "Then, like a psychopath, I followed them to New York on the red-eye and showed up the next day at the casting there," she recalls to PEOPLE. "Not brushing my hair or washing my face did the trick."

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