Joe Jonas: Snapshot

Joe Jonas
Date of Birth
August 15, 1989
Birth Place
Casa Grande, Ariz.
As frontman for pop trio the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas helped revive the fading boy-band genre – while also keeping his purity ring intact.

The New Jersey-bred heartthrob, who has been performing with his brothers, Kevin and Nick, since childhood, became a household name with appearances on Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, and the trio's own show, JONAS.

By 2009, the Disney TV teen dreams released two No. 1 albums, graced two Rolling Stone covers, and raked in millions from their sold-out concert tours.

Throughout it all, the swoon-worthy middle JoBro – who's launching a solo career – has emerged as the band's main attraction, thanks to his high-profile relationships with Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato and Camilla Belle. After a "deep rift within the band" caused the Jonas Brothers to cancel their tour, the guys decided to call it quits as a musical act in 2013.

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Joe Jonas: Five Fun Facts

  1. Joe Jonas's favorite fan gift is a hippo. "Someone adopted it for us at a wildlife reserve. It's named Jonas Brothers," he told PEOPLE.
  2. One of Joe Jonas's heroes is Bono, whom he met at a U2 show. "After the show we got an e-mail saying Bono wants to invite you to the after-party," he told Details. "We hung out with him till three in the morning."
  3. At age 16, Joe Jonas was the last of the Jonas Brothers to have his first kiss.
  4. Joe Jonas's childhood obsession was a famous purple dinosaur. "I grew up loving Barney. It was my thing," he told PEOPLE in 2008. "I had a Barney glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, and I would go into the closet in my room in the middle of the afternoon and stare at the T-shirt."
  5. Joe Jonas made his stage debut in the first grade, playing a yellow crayon in a school play.

Joe Jonas: Biography


Joe Jonas

All in the Family

Joe Jonas and his brothers, Nick and Kevin, grow up doing sing-alongs around the family piano. Eventually, the talented siblings, who play the guitar, keyboard and drums, perform in commercials for Burger King, Clorox and Lego. "We kind of always grew up into music and making music with my dad," Jonas tells the Houston Chronicle in 2008. "He was part of record labels and things like that. My mom's an amazing singer. We kind of grew into it."


Joe Jonas

Banding Together

Younger brother Nick – who released a solo album in 2004 – asks Joe and Kevin to rehearse with him at home. The resulting sound prompts the boys' decision to form a trio. After performing their song "Please Be Mine" for Columbia Records exec Steve Greenberg (who discovered Hanson), they sign with the label. "I liked the idea of putting together this little garage-rock band," Greenberg tells Billboard. They go on to open for the likes of Kelly Clarkson and the Cheetah Girls.


Joe Jonas

August 08

Disappointing Debut

Columbia releases the Jonas Brothers' first album, It's About Time, consisting of tracks that Kevin, 18, Joe, 16, and Nick, 13, co-wrote with professional songwriters. However, the album receives little marketing and only sells 62,000 copies. Soon afterward, the band is dropped from the record label.

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Joe Jonas

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