Josh Hutcherson: Snapshot

Josh Hutcherson
Date of Birth
October 12, 1992
Birth Place
Union, Kentucky
Josh Hutcherson has been a Hollywood pro for most of his life – he worked alongside leading men Tom Hanks (Polar Express), Will Ferrell (Kicking & Screaming) and Robin Williams (RV) as a tween.

But it was the baby-faced Kentucky native's pivotal role in the Oscar-nominated The Kids Are All Right that helped Hutcherson shed his child actor rep and prepare him for box-office stardom as the romantic lead in the wildly popular Hunger Games series.

With his role as heartthrob Peeta Mellark, Hutcherson continues to see his star rise as he and costars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth have signed on for the remaining two films in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Josh Hutcherson: Five Fun Facts

  1. As a child actor, Josh Hutcherson was once ambushed by a pack of stage moms. "These moms cornered me and made me read my lines to them so they could tell their kid how to read them," he said on Lopez Tonight. "I cried for hours!"
  2. Josh Hutcherson has a pair of limited edition hand-painted Barack Obama Nike Air Force Ones in his sneaker collection. "I'm never going to wear them – ever," Hutcherson said on MTV Cribs in 2009. "They're going to be in a glass case someday."
  3. Like his Hunger Games character Peeta Mellark, Josh Hutcherson knows his way around the kitchen. "I do a really good French apple pie – the whole shebang, including the crust," he told InStyle.
  4. Josh Hutcherson created the Straight But Not Narrow campaign in 2011 to influence how teens treat their LGBT peers.
  5. Josh Hutcherson was up for the title role in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man, which eventually went to Andrew Garfield. Hutcherson's screen test was recently released on YouTube.

Josh Hutcherson: Biography

Mid 1990's

Josh Hutcherson

Precocious Performer

A young Hutcherson expresses an interest in acting, prompting his mother Michelle to move to L.A. with her aspiring thespian. Hutcherson – whose father Chris works as an EPA analyst – quickly attracts interest in Hollywood, landing guest spots on ER and The Division.


Josh Hutcherson


Big Break

After nabbing a small part in 2003's American Splendor, the 10-year-old wins the lead role opposite Tom Hanks in 2004's The Polar Express. The experience of working with Hollywood heavyweights doesn't faze Hutcherson, who says, "I should feel intimidated, I know that, but I just feel like they're normal people too and they do the same thing I do."


Josh Hutcherson


'Little' Leading Man

Hutcherson nabs his first lead role as lovesick grade-schooler Gabe in the indie romance Little Manhattan, which earns the young star critical praise. "Mr. Hutcherson emerges as a child actor worth watching," the New York Times says of the 12-year-old actor. He soon lands in other kid-friendly films, including Zathura: A Space Adventure (with Kristen Stewart) and Bridge to Terabithia. "It's kind of weird to think about it," the Kentucky native tells the Lexington Herald-Leader in 2007 of his growing fame. "It's like, 'Whoa, I never thought I'd get this far.'"

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Josh Hutcherson

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