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Kate Hudson
Date of Birth
April 19, 1979
Birth Place
Los Angeles, Calif.
In her star-making turn as groupie Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, Kate Hudson proved she belonged in Hollywood – whether she was Goldie Hawn's daughter or not!

Though her Oscar-nominated performance as a rock-and-roll free spirit was captivating, it wasn't just for the camera. In 2000, she married Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, and had their son Ryder in 2004. Her sunny, charming persona was best captured in the hit comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days opposite Matthew McConaughey.

However, it was the 2006 comedy You, Me & Dupree that moved the spotlight to Hudson's love life, as she separated from Robinson and embarked on a rocky romance with costar Owen Wilson.

In 2009, the actress played the field with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, before returning to her rocker roots with fiancé, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, with whom she welcomed her second son Bingham. In the fall of 2014, Bellamy and Hudson announced that they'd separated earlier in the year.

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The ultimate Hollywood bohemian matures from charming ingenue to A-list style star – don't miss one of her signature haute hippie looks! (02:16)

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Kate Hudson: Five Fun Facts

  1. Kate Hudson got certified for scuba on the Great Barrier Reef for 2008's Fool's Gold (costarring Matthew McConaughey. "I carry my certificate around with me in my wallet," she told U.K.'s Total Film magazine. "Matthew got certified in five seconds, but it took me a couple of weeks."
  2. When actress Christina Ricci and Kate Hudson filmed 1999's Desert Blue together in a small Nevada town, the budding actresses lived in a motel dining on Spaghetti O's and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
  3. Kate Hudson once dated Sally Field's son, Eli Craig, whom she had known since she was 9 years old.
  4. Oliver Hudson nicknamed his sister Kate Hudson "Dumbo" and "Hammerhead Shark". When Playboy asked him in 2005 which nickname was more accurate, Oliver said, "Definitely the man-eating shark."
  5. When covert photographers snapped Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn topless on a secluded beach in Sardinia, the mother and daughter hopped on waverunners and whizzed by the photographers' rubber boat, creating waves that drenched their camera equipment. Hudson ended the attack by mooning the surprised snappers.

Kate Hudson: Biography

circa 1994

Kate Hudson

Growing Up Fast

Hawn asks Hudson, 15, if she's had sex yet. When recounting the story to Details, Hudson recalls, "When I said 'yes,' that I'd already lost my virginity to a boy I was just mad for, she was supportive."


Kate Hudson

February & June

En Route to Success

Hudson's movie career gains speed, first with a role in the ensemble comedy 200 Cigarettes with Christina Ricci, Ben and Casey Affleck, and then in the comedy Desert Blue, also featuring Ricci and Casey Affleck.


Kate Hudson

September 13

A Golden Moment

Hudson cements her reputation as a serious actress by winning rave reviews as groupie Penny Lane in the Cameron Crowe dramedy Almost Famous. The 21-year-old later earns an Oscar nomination for the role and snags a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

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