Kate Moss: Snapshot

Kate Moss
Date of Birth
January 16, 1974
Birth Place
Surrey, England
Though rail-thin and short by catwalk standards, waifish newcomer Kate Moss vaulted to fame in Calvin Klein campaigns – and her own style choices (denim cutoffs, skinny jeans, waist-cinching belts) ushered in major fashion trends, too.

In 2005, it seemed Moss' career was over when the Daily Mirror published photos of the supermodel snorting cocaine, resulting in the loss of major clients. After keeping mum on the scandal, Moss's career slowly bounced back with the launch of her own line for Topshop and the honor of being one of Time's Most Influential People (for having "the face that has never gone out of style").

Off the runway, Moss, who was previously engaged to Johnny Depp and had a daughter Lila with publisher Jefferson Hack, married The Kills rocker Jamie Hince in 2011.

Kate Moss: Five Fun Facts

  1. Kate Moss, who ushered in the waif look of the early 90's with her 5'7'', 100-lb. frame, told PEOPLE in 1993, "I never weigh myself."
  2. Even when she was just starting out, Kate Moss commanded attention – and proper compensation. Her first Calvin Klein contract was worth a reported $1.2 million.
  3. Kate Moss isn't the only Moss to hit the runways. Her brother, Nick, also did a stint modeling. "It's good fun," he said to PEOPLE. "And you get used to the makeup."
  4. Kate Moss sat for a nude painting with royal portraitist Lucian Freud (Sigmund's grandson) during her pregnancy.
  5. Less than a year after the cocaine scandal that nearly finished her career, Kate Moss' warp speed comeback was topped off with a Model of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards.

Kate Moss: Biography

late 1980s

Kate Moss

A Year of Discovery

After her parents' separation, Moss and her younger brother, Nick, are split up (13-year-old Moss lives with their mother, 8-year-old Nick stays with dad). The following year, on her way back from the Bahamas, 14-year-old Moss is spotted during a layover at JFK airport in New York by modeling scout Sarah Doukas. ''She had a kind of ethereal look about her, a translucency and such phenomenal bone structure,'' Doukas tells PEOPLE.


A New Look

Despite landing an agent and developing a decent portfolio, at 5'7", Moss finds it hard to get work at first. She's seen as too short and Moss' thin frame doesn't fit in with the Cindy Crawford-Linda Evangelista glamazon look of the late '80s. She does land some jobs for The Face magazine and models part-time until she graduates from high school.


Kate Moss

Give Me a Break

Accompanied by her boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorrenti, Moss flies to the U.S. to meet with the casting director for Calvin Klein's new campaign. She lands the job on the spot. ''She has this childlike, womanlike thing. It's a kind of sexiness that I think is very exciting,'' Calvin Klein tells PEOPLE. The ads hit magazines and billboards in Spring 1993, featuring a topless Moss alongside a shirtless Mark Wahlberg (a.k.a. Marky Mark). They immediately stir controversy. ''It's just because I look 12,'' Moss explains to PEOPLE.

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Kate Moss

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