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Kate Moss

A Year of Discovery

After her parents' separation, Moss and her younger brother, Nick, are split up (13-year-old Moss lives with their mother, 8-year-old Nick stays with dad). The following year, on her way back from the Bahamas, 14-year-old Moss is spotted during a layover at JFK airport in New York by modeling scout Sarah Doukas. ''She had a kind of ethereal look about her, a translucency and such phenomenal bone structure,'' Doukas tells PEOPLE.


A New Look

Despite landing an agent and developing a decent portfolio, at 5'7", Moss finds it hard to get work at first. She's seen as too short and Moss' thin frame doesn't fit in with the Cindy Crawford-Linda Evangelista glamazon look of the late '80s. She does land some jobs for The Face magazine and models part-time until she graduates from high school.


Kate Moss

Give Me a Break

Accompanied by her boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorrenti, Moss flies to the U.S. to meet with the casting director for Calvin Klein's new campaign. She lands the job on the spot. ''She has this childlike, womanlike thing. It's a kind of sexiness that I think is very exciting,'' Calvin Klein tells PEOPLE. The ads hit magazines and billboards in Spring 1993, featuring a topless Moss alongside a shirtless Mark Wahlberg (a.k.a. Marky Mark). They immediately stir controversy. ''It's just because I look 12,'' Moss explains to PEOPLE.


Kate Moss


Among the Beautiful People

The newcomer with the new look is featured in PEOPLE's Most Beautiful issue. "It's a new kind of beauty," Calvin Klein tells PEOPLE. "Not the big, sporty, superwoman type, but glamour, which is more sensitive, more fragile.'' But, her "heroin chic" look puts Moss at the center of a firestorm as a propagator of anorexia. When posters are defaced with graffiti reading, "Feed Me," Moss defends her eating habits. ''I try to eat so I won't be so waiflike,'' she tells PEOPLE, ''but even if I do, I'm not going to become this voluptuous thing.''


Kate Moss

September 13

Fight Club

After a fight, then-boyfriend Johnny Depp proceeds to trash a New York City hotel room. "You have bad days," Depp later tells 20/20. "Some guys go play golf; some guys smash hotel rooms." Moss and Depp date until 1998.



Time Out

After working nonstop for years, Moss takes a break, entering rehab for "exhaustion." "I've been doing a lot of work and too much partying," Moss tells London's Daily Mirror. "I wasn't happy with the way my life was going. So I decided to step back and assess my life and future." During her $15,000 stay at the treatment center, PEOPLE reports, Moss accidentally sets her room on fire with a meditation candle.


Kate Moss


Larger and in Charge

Moss returns to fashion in the Versace runway show in Milan sporting a healthy new figure. She draws praise for having put on a few pounds. While she still might weigh only 105 pounds, the extra curves are a hit.


Kate Moss

September 29

Hey, Baby

The 28-year-old model welcomes a baby girl, Lila Grace. The father, Jefferson Hack, is copublisher of the British style magazine Dazed & Confused. "She's really, really a bloody good mother," friend Tracey Emin tells Vanity Fair. "Kate is hands-on."


Kate Moss


She's Bringing Skinny Back

Ten years after she is accused of popularizing a skinny physique, Moss inspires them to get skinny jeans. After the mom is snapped at a festival with her jeans tucked into her boots, the look becomes a runway and mass fashion hit.


Kate Moss

January 31

The Bad Boy

After breaking up with Hack, her daughter's father, Moss meets rocker – and famous troublemaker – Pete Doherty of Babyshambles at her birthday party. Doherty's friends soon start selling pictures of the two to tabloids. That same month, Moss successfully sues London's Daily Mirror after the newspaper reports that she passed out, high on cocaine, after a charity event in Barcelona.

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Kate Moss

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