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Katherine Heigl
Date of Birth
November 24, 1978
Birth Place
Washington, D.C.
As Izzie Stevens, the resident bombshell on the ABC hit Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl proved she had the acting chops to cry on cue...while making surgical scrubs look seriously hot.

As a kid, Heigl segued her Sears catalog modeling shoots into a starring role on the hot alien hit Roswell. But it was her pivotal role as Izzie on Grey's in 2005 that brought her to the masses, earning Heigl a supporting actress Emmy in 2007 and a movie career to boot.

Married to musician Josh Kelley, Heigl became a bankable film star with Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth and eventually left Grey's Anatomy to concentrate on her family. After adopting her daughter Naleigh in 2009, the actress adopted another baby in 2012.

Katherine Heigl: Five Fun Facts

  1. Katherine Heigl starred in the lowest-earning movie in recorded history: the 2006 thriller Zyzzyx Road with Tom Sizemore. It grossed $30 at the box office.
  2. While engaged to Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl told Vanity Fair of marriage, "I think it's a crapshoot. The odds are really bad, especially in this town."
  3. Fans of Katherine Heigl's first TV show Roswell mailed thousands of Tabasco sauce bottles – the favorite condiment of the lead characters – to TV executives in order to keep the show on the air.
  4. After being rejected for roles on Felicity and Alias, Katherine Heigl told Entertainment Weekly in 2007, "That's when I wanted to quit." But Heigl was fortunate because if she would've landed Alias, she wouldn't have been available to audition for Grey's Anatomy.
  5. Katherine Heigl's husband, musician Josh Kelley, wrote ''Katie's Song'' for her. "It was one of the most thrilling and romantic things that I've ever experienced," Heigl told PEOPLE, "and it makes me really like him bad."

Katherine Heigl: Biography


Family Tragedy

Heigl is the youngest of Paul and Nancy Heigl's five children. At 7, Heigl's 15-year-old brother Jason is thrown from the back of a pickup truck and declared brain-dead. The family decides to donate Jason's organs. "It's one of those things that pretty much devastates an entire family for years and years," Heigl tells New York's Daily News in 2006. "And then it changes the entire dynamic for the rest of your life."


Katherine Heigl

Child Model

Heigl poses in photos for her aunt's hair care products, and her mother Nancy sends the pictures to talent agencies. The following year, Wilhelmina modeling agency bites, adding Heigl to its roster of talent. She appears in catalogs for Macy's and Sears. "It was fun when I was little but after a while it started to get not as interesting," Heigl tells USA Today in 1994. "There's long hours and all you do is stand around a lot." She goes on to try her hand at acting, appearing in a national TV commercial for Cheerios.


Katherine Heigl

August 06

Breaking In Film

Heigl makes her film debut in the coming-of-age story That Night and appears in Steven Soderbergh's King of the Hill. In 1994, she lands her first leading role in My Father the Hero, playing a precocious teen trying to impress the boy of her dreams. USA Today says, "The scene in which innocent knockout Heigl stands poolside, and sashays off to the beach has everyone – from high school chums to trailer audiences – atwitter."

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