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Kellan Lutz
Date of Birth
March 15, 1985
Birth Place
Dickinson, N.D.
Kellan Lutz may have barely had screen time in 2008's Twilight, but his shirtless offscreen shots definitely made an impression on fanpires around the world.

The former Abercrombie & Fitch model, who helped Taylor Lautner get ripped for New Moon, also heated up the halls of West Beverly Hills High on 90210—and went on to date costar AnnaLynne McCord.

Lutz, who can took on Freddy in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, reprised his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight sequels, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

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Star Talk

Twilight's Lutz and 90210's Eggold – who are real-life pals – joke about mustaches, how they met ( and more at their Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-themed shoot (01:53)

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Kellan Lutz: Five Fun Facts

  1. Kellan Lutz didn't know Twilight was a book series until costar Ashley Greene told him. "She's like, 'Did you read the books?' And I'm like...'What books?'" he told Seventeen.
  2. Kellan Lutz originally wanted Robert Pattinson's role of Edward Cullen in Twilight.
  3. Kellan Lutz's guilty pleasure is Judge Judy. "I'm obsessed with it," he said. "I'll wake up every morning, hop in the shower, and turn my TV around to watch it."
  4. The golden contacts Kellan Lutz wore in Twilight took him 45 minutes to put in. "We had a makeup artist named Jeannie who, bless her heart, would put them in for me," Lutz told Vanity Fair.
  5. Kellan Lutz hopes to star in his own action movie franchise. "I want to be James Bond one day, I want to be Jason Bourne," he told MTV. "I've been boxing for years, and have been doing Jujitsu. It would be nice to show that stuff."

Kellan Lutz: Biography


Kellan Lutz

Model Behavior

After graduating from Horizon High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., Lutz moves to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He lands a modeling gig for Abercrombie & Fitch and bit roles in 2006's Stick It and Accepted, costarring Blake Lively.


Kellan Lutz


Vampires Wanted

While shooting the HBO miniseries Generation Kill in Africa, Lutz reads the script for Twilight, adapted from author Stephenie Meyer's best-selling saga. Although the role of burly big brother Emmett Cullen is cast while he is on location, he gets a chance to read for director Catherine Hardwicke, eventually landing the role.


Kellan Lutz

September 02

Kellan Gets Schooled

Lutz stars on The CW's remake of 90210 as bad boy George Evans, with Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and real-life love AnnaLynne McCord. "George is so the Luke Perry of the show," Lutz tells MTV. "And maybe a little Brian Austin Green. I think they morphed the two of them."

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