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Kevin Federline
Date of Birth
March 21, 1978
Birth Place
Fresno, Calif.
Kevin Federline (aka K-Fed) danced back-up for Pink and Justin Timberlake before taking center stage as Britney Spears' husband.

The corn-rowed tabloid staple was first linked to Spears in April 2004, while then-girlfriend Moesha actress Shar Jackson was six months pregnant with their second child. After a paparazzi-chronicled courtship, Federline married Spears, and the couple welcomed two sons, exactly 363 days apart in age.

In November 2006, Spears filed for divorce from Federline – and the pop star's life unraveled. But the father of four took care of their two boys (he was awarded sole custody in 2008) as their mother broke down and entered rehab.

In late 2008, Ferderline moved on from Spears with former volleyball player Victoria Prince. The couple welcomed daughter Jordan in 2011, wed two years later and had their second child together in 2014.

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Kevin Federline: Five Fun Facts

  1. Kevin Federline was voted "Most Likely to Be on America's Most Wanted" at Fresno's Tenaya Middle School.
  2. Kevin Federline appeared as a backup dancer in Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World" video in 2001, and in Britney Spears' ex Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You" video in 2002.
  3. While on tour as a dancer for pop-boy group LFO in 1998, Kevin Federline met future wife Britney Spears in passing. Federline had bluish-green hair and a marijuana-leaf tattoo on his arm. "But it wasn't the right time," Federline said in 2004. "I think everything happens at the right time."
  4. When asked which Britney Spears song best describes his life, Kevin Federline answered: "I'd probably have to say "Me Against the Music" and "Lucky.""
  5. Before dating Britney Spears in 2004, Kevin Federline appeared in a Target ad, hoisting a plunger. "[I] made a ton of money," Federline told PEOPLE, "[but] they had to talk me into doing this."

Kevin Federline: Biography


Kevin Federline

Mom and Dad Shuffle

Federline's parents – Mike, an auto mechanic, and Julie, a bank teller – split when Federline is 8 years old. Federline resides with his mother and brother, Chris, until he is 10 when the two brothers move with their father to Fresno, Calif.


Kevin Federline

Dance Route

In the ninth grade, Federline drops out of high school, and begins dancing with the non-profit organization, Dance Empowerment. After delivering pizzas for a living and getting his GED, Federline moves to L.A. to pursue dance professionally. He shares a one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood with six people, and becomes known as "the dirt cat" in the dance circuit because of his grungy look. During the next few years, he tours as a back-up dancer and dances in music videos for Justin Timberlake, Pink, Destiny's Child, and Michael Jackson. "There's nobody that gets less credit than somebody dancing," Federline tells PEOPLE.


It's a Girl

Federline begins dating Moesha actress Shar Jackson. In July 2002, the couple welcomes their first child together, a daughter Kori. "I always wanted to be a young dad," Federline tells Details in 2005. "I didn't know if I was going to be with the mother forever, but I knew whenever I did have children, I was going to love them more than anything." In the winter of 2003, Jackson becomes pregnant with Federline's second child.

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Kevin Federline

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