Kirsten Dunst


Introducing Jake

Mona Lisa Smile costar Maggie Gyllenhaal introduces Dunst to her brother Jake, star of Donnie Darko and The Good Girl. The two begin dating, and Gyllenhaal soon moves into Dunst's Hollywood Hills home. "Oh, I'm too young to get married. Seriously," Dunst tells PEOPLE in reaction to reports of her impending marriage. "It's so annoying that they put pressure on you."


Kirsten Dunst

May 31

A Wet One

Dunst and Maguire win an MTV Movie Award for their rainy, upside down Spider-Man kiss. In her acceptance speech, she thanks Gyllenhaal for her real-life best kiss.


Kirsten Dunst

July 20

Goodbye, Jake

After delivering a pivotal and well-acted supporting performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dunst and Gyllenhaal call it quits. The new exes share custody of their German Shepard mix Atticus and are later spotted together, shopping and eating around L.A.


Kirsten Dunst

September 10

Ex Premieres

Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown, starring Dunst and Orlando Bloom as love interests, premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. Gyllenhaal's Oscar-nominated Brokeback Mountain also premieres, but the former flames do not attend each other's screening.


Kirsten Dunst

May 24

Candy-Colored Teen Queen

Dunst stars in the title role of Marie Antoinette opposite director Sofia Coppola's cousin Jason Schwartzman, who plays Louis XVI. Coppola's stylized, revisionist account of the young queen's life premieres at the Cannes Film Festival, and it receives both jeers and cheers from the audience. To promote the film, Dunst poses on the September cover of Vogue as Marie Antoinette.


Kirsten Dunst


A New Rocking Love

Dunst begins dating Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell after meeting him at his rock concert in L.A. The pair hangs out at music festival South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and in April, they attend the Spider- Man 3 London premiere after-party together. Borrell says of his famous girlfriend, "You follow the things that you can't resist and you go where you go. That's falling in love." By the end of the year, they call it quits.


Kirsten Dunst

February 07

Kirsten Dunst Enters Rehab

Dunst, 25, seeks treatment at the Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah. In late March, she checks out and heads to New York to film All Good Things, opposite Ryan Gosling – with whom she is romantically linked. In May, she reveals that she sought help for depression: "I was struggling, and I had the opportunity to go somewhere and take care of myself."


Kirsten Dunst


Making a Comeback

After starring opposite Ryan Gosling in 2010's All Good Things, Dunst earns rave reviews for her role in Lars von Trier's Melancholia, playing Justine, a woman struggling with depression. "Ms. Dunst is remarkably effective at conveying both the acute anguish and the paralyzing hollowness of depression," the New York Times praises. "To the extent that the destructive potential of Melancholia is a metaphor for her private melancholia, it is perfectly apt."


Kirsten Dunst


'Road' to Romance

At the Sundance Film Festival, Dunst isn't shy when it comes to showing affection for On the Road costar Garrett Hedlund. The pair is spotting kissing and hugging at a dinner in celebration of the actress's upcoming film The Bachelorette.

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Kirsten Dunst

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