Lauren Conrad: Snapshot

Lauren Conrad
Date of Birth
February 01, 1986
Birth Place
Laguna Beach, Calif.
Lauren Conrad confesses that she has no talent: She doesn't act, sing or dance. She's just herself – in front of MTV cameras.

In 2004, Conrad starred on the first two seasons of MTV's hit reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She played the privileged, yet relatable girl-next-door and instantly became a fan favorite. In 2006, she got her own show, The Hills, which followed her as she studied fashion and interned at Teen Vogue in L.A. with other pretty 20-somethings, including Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner and Whitney Port.

In 2007, Conrad became a full-blown TV phenom with the drama-filled third season of The Hills, where she was at the center of a rumored sex tape scandal, an ongoing feud with former BFF Montag, and a debate over the show's authenticity. In 2009, Conrad stepped away from The Hills and concentrated on her fashion and publishing empire. Next up for the stylish star: settling into newlywed life with husband William Tell.

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Lauren Conrad: Five Fun Facts

  1. Lauren Conrad famously went by L.C. while on MTV's Laguna Beach, but has admitted she always disliked the nickname. She ditched the moniker when she starred on The Hills.
  2. Lauren Conrad was shocked when Ashlee Simpson recognized her at an event: "She looked at me and said, 'Hi, Lauren – I love your show and watch it all the time,'" Conrad told CosmoGirl!. "And I was like Ashlee Simpson knows who I am?"
  3. With her every move documented on The Hills, Lauren Conrad finds it difficult to date. "It's really hard to date, obviously, with the show," she told Entertainment Weekly. "Now when I meet someone, it's literally, 'Would you sign a release?' It's so awkward."
  4. Lauren Conrad went from Teen Vogue intern to their cover girl in June 2006. The magazine's editor in chief, Amy Astley, told WWD of Conrad, "She was a great intern, really focused, loves fashion, very pleasant, hardworking, eager to please, just what you expect."
  5. After breaking up with Laguna Beach alum Jason Wahler in 2006, Lauren Conrad said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she's changing her ''J'' tattoo, which stands for Jason, to an ''L''.

Lauren Conrad: Biography


Lauren Conrad

February 01

Welcome, Lauren

Conrad is the oldest child of architect Jim and Kathy's three children. The family lives in prominent Laguna Beach, Calif. In the sixth grade, Conrad realizes that she wants to work in fashion. "I think that I get bored easily with things," Conrad tells USA Today in 2006, "and I love that it's always changing."


Lauren Conrad

MTV Films Laguna's Kids

MTV approaches Conrad and a group of friends to document their senior year. The show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, premieres in September 2004 as a counterpart to Fox's teen drama The OC with Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. "It really was presented to us like a documentary," Conrad tells USA Today. "Nobody thought it was going to blow up like it did...definitely a different way to grow up." The MTV reality series turns Conrad, Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti into stars.


Lauren Conrad


Head to The Hills

MTV develops a spinoff with Conrad featuring her move to L.A. as she studies fashion and interns at Teen Vogue (from left, fellow intern Whitney Port, Conrad's best friend Heidi Montag and future roommate Audrina Patridge costar). Creator Adam Divello tells USA Today why Conrad was chosen: "I think she proved that she is 'every girl'...She has ambition – not to just go off and be a celebrity."

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Lauren Conrad

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