Liam Hemsworth: Snapshot

Liam Hemsworth
Date of Birth
January 13, 1990
Birth Place
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australian import Liam Hemsworth left a successful soap opera stint in his home country to romance Miley Cyrus in 2010's The Last Song. He shared his first kiss with the teen queen on set and carried that chemistry off screen.

Long before making girls swoon Stateside, Hemsworth followed older brother Chris (Star Trek, Thor) into acting, nabbing his first major role at 17 playing a paraplegic on the sudsy Aussie TV hit Neighbours.

Now a Hollywood fixture, Hemsworth traded melodrama for blockbuster stardom in 2012's The Hunger Games, in which he plays muscular District 12 hunter Gale opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. That same year, Hemsworth took himself off the market by proposing to Cyrus, but the couple split a year later.

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Liam Hemsworth: Five Fun Facts

  1. Liam Hemsworth's first kiss with Miley Cyrus happened on screen while filming their 2010 movie, The Last Song.
  2. When Liam Hemsworth moved to the U.S., he was afraid his stay would not be permanent. "I came to America on a three-month visa, knowing that if I didn't book a job, I'd go home," he told Teen Vogue.
  3. What is Liam Hemsworth's idea of the perfect date? "Best Buy is the way to my heart," he told Seventeen.
  4. Liam Hemsworth told his agents that he would burn his house down if the role of Gale in The Hunger Games went to another actor.
  5. What is Liam Hemsworth's biggest point of pride? "I have incredible hygiene. I have showers all the time. I smell good!" he told Moviefone.

Liam Hemsworth: Biography


Liam Hemsworth

January 13

Life Down Under

Craig and Leonie Hemsworth welcome their third son, Liam, in Melbourne. When Liam turns 13, the family moves to Phillip Island, a remote vacation spot off the coast of Australia, where he and brothers Luke and Chris spend most of their time surfing. "When I was at school [surfing] was pretty much all that mattered in my life," Hemsworth told VMan magazine.


Liam Hemsworth

Friendly Neighbours

Hemsworth graduates high school and lays floors for six months before following in his older brothers' footsteps and pursuing acting. He soon lands guest roles on Home and Away and McLeod's Daughters. But he gets his big break playing paraplegic Josh Taylor on the Aussie soap Neighbours.


Liam Hemsworth

Sparks Fly

Hemsworth moves to Los Angeles to audition for the title role in Thor but ultimately loses to his brother Chris. Weeks later, Hemsworth is cast opposite teen queen Miley Cyrus in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's novel The Last Song. Soon after production wraps in Georgia, Hemsworth and Cyrus are caught kissing. "We were filming together every day, and hanging out every day," Hemsworth says of the budding romance. "We really didn't have any other friends down there, so we just hung out with each other."

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