Lindsay Lohan

May 07

Family Friction

Lohan's dad, Michael, is sentenced to a maximum of four years for a DUI and beating his brother-in-law. Five months later, Lohan releases a music video, "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)," which addresses her parents' volatile marriage and stars her 11-year-old sister Aliana. While in prison, Michael writes an open letter to the New York Daily News and includes a cartoon depicting his troubled relationship with Lohan. "Lindsay is a talented, loving, blessed and free-spirited person," Michael writes. "I believe nothing I read about her unless I hear it from Lindsay herself. And she's always been honest with me." He is released on March 13, 2007 after serving less than two years.

Lindsay Lohan


My So-Called Boyfriend

Lohan and Jared Leto, her costar in the movie Chapter 27, are spotted together at various Hollywood hot spots. But Lohan denies any relationship, telling PEOPLE, "I focus on my career, not boys." In 2007, she reiterates her stance to Allure, "I never had a relationship with Jared. Swear to God, never did. Also, I never had a relationship with Bruce Willis. We're friends."


Lindsay Lohan

January 04

Bulimia or Bull

Lohan poses for the cover of Vanity Fair, which reports that the actress has admitted to having bulimia and taking drugs in the past. Lohan refutes these claims, but the magazine stands by its report. Two days before the article comes out, Lohan is hospitalized in Miami for an asthma attack.

May 25

Paris, Lindsay Feud Over Man

Lohan is spotted kissing Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton's ex. Hilton makes her dislike for former friend Lohan known by giggling as pal Brandon Davis badmouths Lohan in video footage captured by TMZ.com.

Lindsay Lohan


When Harry Met Lindsay

Lohan begins dating Harry Morton, owner of the restaurant chain Pink Taco and son of former Hard Rock Cafe chain owner Peter Morton. The two are inseparable, party-hopping and lounging at his Malibu pad, but after three months of dating, they take a break. A friend of Morton's tells PEOPLE that he is sick of her partying ways and that "she was too much drama."

Lindsay Lohan

July 26

Professional Scolding

Lohan, who was previously hospitalized for exhaustion in 2004, shutting down production of Herbie: Fully Loaded (left), is once again briefly hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration, causing her to miss work on the set of Georgia Rule. The movie's producer, James G. Robinson, sends her a memo that states, "We are well aware that your partying is the real reason for your so-called exhaustion." Lohan returns to the set without incident.

December 01

Alcoholics (Not So) Anonymous

Lohan's rep tells PEOPLE that the young starlet has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous. The confirmation comes a week after mom Dina answered yes when asked by E!'s Ryan Seacrest if her daughter was in AA. Both her rep and mother reaffirmed that this was a "positive" move on Lohan's behalf.


Lindsay Lohan

January 17

Lohan Goes to Rehab

Lohan checks into rehab at Wonderland Center in L.A., halting production on the thriller I Know Who Killed Me (right). "I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health," Lohan says in a statement. The busy actress also backs out of an upcoming movie in order to focus on her rehabilitation. Later that month, she returns to work on the I Know set, in which she plays a stripper tortured by a serial killer.

Lindsay Lohan

May 10

Work & Play

The night before the premiere of her latest film, Georgia Rule, starring Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Huffman and screen legend Jane Fonda, Lohan, 20, steps out with new beau, British TV personality Calum Best, 26. That weekend, the new couple cozies up in the Bahamas and catch a Janet Jackson concert. Lohan tells PEOPLE, "He's a nice guy."

Lindsay Lohan

May 29

Lindsay Goes Back to Rehab

Lohan returns to rehab, spawning a PEOPLE cover story chronicling her downfall. Three days earlier, she crashed her Mercedes and was cited for driving under the influence. Police found a substance tentatively identified as "a usable amount of cocaine" in connection with the accident. Britain's News of the World recently reported that Lohan allegedly had a "marathon cocaine binge" after her first trip to rehab.

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Lindsay Lohan
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Matt Nordgren (linked in 2013)
Samantha Ronson, ex-girlfriend (2008 to 2009)
Riles Giley, ex-boyfriend (2007)
Calum Best, ex-boyfriend (2007)
Harry Morton, ex-boyfriend (July 2006 to Oct. 2006)
Wilmer Valderrama, ex-boyfriend (May 2004 to Nov. 2004)
Aaron Carter, ex-boyfriend (Jan. 2002 to April 2003)
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Lindsay Lohan

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