Mary-Kate Olsen

June 02


Their third TV series, So Little Time, airs on the Fox Family Channel. "Our characters are really different," explains Mary-Kate. "Mine has curly hair, and she's into nature and saving the world. Ashley's is the mommy's girl, really high-strung." Mary-Kate earns a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her portrayal of the spontaneous Riley Carlson.


Mary-Kate Olsen

May 12

Beautiful People

They were briefly profiled in 1998's list as a set of cute twins, but this year Mary-Kate and Ashley both make PEOPLE's 50 Most Beautiful list as individually gorgeous stars. Mary-Kate describes herself as the funkier, less sophisticated beauty. They both make the list again the following year.


Cover Girls

Ashley and Mary-Kate, 17, are featured on the cover of Vanity Fair's teen power issue with Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore. In September, the twins bare their abs for a Rolling Stone cover with a headline proclaiming: "America's Favorite Fantasy."


Mary-Kate Olsen

April 29

Skinny Star

The twins get a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Mary-Kate looks extremely thin, and this sparks concern about her health in magazine reports.

May 07

Big-Screen Bomb

Their first feature film, New York Minute, fizzles at the box office, earning a meager $14 million. The movie, which also gives the girls producing credits, was supposed to reintroduce the girls to a broader audience and transition them away from being exclusively tween icons. Both girls have onscreen kisses, and Mary-Kate has a nude nightmare sequence (but bares only her back and shoulders).

Mary-Kate Olsen

June 07


The twins graduate from Campbell Hall High School, a private school in North Hollywood, Calif. "I remember watching some of my friends graduate last year. You never really think that it's going to happen to you," Mary-Kate tells Teen People. "Now that it's my turn, I might tear up, but I know that the people who are close to me will stay in touch."

Mary-Kate Olsen


Mary-Kate's Struggle

Mary-Kate checks into Utah's Cirque Lodge, where she is treated for anorexia. An intervention takes place just before the twins' June 13 birthdays. "They did it because she was going to turn 18, and then [her parents] wouldn't have been able to commit her," a source tells Teen People. The following month, Mary-Kate is released.

Mary-Kate Olsen

June 13

Coming of Age and Into Fortune

After appearing on a cover of PEOPLE, Mary-Kate and Ashley turn 18 and take control of their empire – they're now copresidents of Dualstar. The birthday also puts a stop to the Internet sites that count down the seconds until the twins reach adulthood.

September 08

College Coeds

Mary-Kate and Ashley, 18, enroll in New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study in Greenwich Village. In her first week of school, she splits with high school boyfriend David Katzenberg, the 21-year-old son of Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and a student at Boston University.


Mary-Kate Olsen

March 06

Fashion Icon

The New York Times dubs Mary-Kate a fashion star for creating the "Bobo" (bohemian bourgeois) look. The Sunday Styles article reads: "As fall turned to winter and edged toward spring, Ms. Olsen, 18, pushed her version of trashcan chic to emphatic extremes, an evolution charted by glossy magazines that snoop on stars in everyday activities. The look became dottier and dottier, until it morphed into a kind of homeless masquerade." The following January, she appears solo on the cover of high fashion magazine, W.

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Mary-Kate Olsen

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