Miranda Lambert: Snapshot

Miranda Lambert
Date of Birth
November 10, 1983
Birth Place
Longview, Texas
Miranda Lambert may sing about revenge, but the self-professed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's ultimate payback has been her success: She's released three hit albums and in 2010, earned nine CMA Award nominations – the most for any female artist in CMA history. She tied that record in 2014.

The Texas native, who competed on season 1 of Nashville Star, turned her third-place finish on the TV singing competition into a full-blown country music career. In 2005, Lambert released her first studio album, Kerosene, which topped the country charts, earned her a Grammy nomination and established her as one of country's leading ladies.

Now with five No. 1 albums and a Grammy under her belt, the singer with the "bad-ass" attitude channeled her inner girly-girl for her May 2011 nuptials to fellow country star Blake Shelton.

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Miranda Lambert: Five Fun Facts

  1. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton toasted their engagement with their signature drink. "We had a couple of Bacardi and Diet Sprites – in a Solo cup!" she told PEOPLE in May 2010.
  2. Both of Miranda Lambert's parents are private investigators who worked with former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones's legal team on her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton.
  3. Miranda Lambert hates beach balls, which she calls "the enemy." "When I'm signing a ballad on stage and a beach ball comes flying at my head it makes me crazy," she told PEOPLE, "so I keep a box cutter on my drum riser for such occasions."
  4. At 10, Miranda Lambert attended her first concert, seeing Garth Brooks with her parents. "It was life-changing," she told PEOPLE in 2009.
  5. In 2008, Miranda Lambert was named "Terrifying Woman of the Year" by Esquire, which citied her album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and her song "Gunpowder & Lead" as "revenge fantasy."

Miranda Lambert: Biography


Miranda Lambert

Guitar Hero

Raised with younger brother Luke in Lindale, Texas, Lambert grows up "sitting on the porch listening to my dad play Merle Haggard," she tells PEOPLE in 2006 of her musical roots. "I was kind of ingrained that way," she adds. "And I think that has a lot to do with who I am now."


Miranda Lambert

Teen Dream

At 16, Lambert begins playing the guitar and appears on the Johnny High Country Music Review – the same show that helped launch LeAnn Rimes. Soon after, Lambert lands her first professional gig at Dallas's Deep Ellum's Gypsy Tea Room.


Miranda Lambert

Nashville 'Star'

A 19-year-old Lambert competes on the first season of USA Network's country music competition, Nashville Star – and happily places third. "I was hoping not to win," she explains. "The winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple of weeks, and I wasn't ready."

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Miranda Lambert

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