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Royal Baby's First (Sadly Fake) Photoshoot!

Royal Baby's First (Sadly Fake) Photoshoot!
Crowning achievement: Fake Kate, Will, Queen and babyAlison Jackson/REX USA
No, the royal baby hasn't really arrived yet, but our favorite look-alikes have already had their baby's first photo shoot – and the results are hilariously fantastic!

As the world awaits real news from St. Mary's hospital in London where the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor with Prince William by her side, these photos imagine what life will be like for them in the coming days and weeks.

From a wiped out Queen Elizabeth, covered in toys (do you spot the baby?), to an exasperated Prince William getting feeding time help from a palace guard, everyone has their royal hands full with the faux new arrival.

Alison Jackson, whose work can be seen at www.alisonjackson.com or followed on Twitter and Facebook, previously shot the uncanny couple and their extended family "prepping for baby" and the "royal baby shower." This latest set of images are just one way to whet everyone's appetite for the real thing!

– Kristin Boehm

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