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Chelsea Kane's Dancing with the Stars Blog: All About Guilty Pleasures

Chelsea Kane's Dancing with the Stars Blog: All About Guilty Pleasures
Chelsea Kane and Mark BallasCourtesy Chelsea Kane
It's a "Guilty Pleasures" week on Dancing with the Stars! Which is ironic, being that just a few months ago, Dancing with the Stars was my guilty pleasure. The only other TV show I have left in that category is Toddlers & Tiaras, which I have no intentions of competing in. However, I did dress up as one of the young pageant girls for Halloween.

Anyway, outside of Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra and Roscoe's Chicken 'N Waffles, most of my guilty pleasures are music related. 'N Sync, Aqua, Hanson and Backstreet Boys dominate my iPod's most played list, so you can only imagine the pure elation I experienced upon hearing that two of those bands would be performing at our results show this week. I immediately found myself flashing back to the fifth grade, listening to those songs via Walkman on my Now 2 CD while riding my Go-Ped and playing tag.

Not that those days are truly gone, seeing as Mark and I got into a full blown water fight on Wednesday. Sink sprayers and broken tailbones included. It seems as though our "rebellious" ballroom nature follows us everywhere. I can assure you production wasn't too stoked that we turned our studio hallways into a slip and slide.

The most recent addition to my "I hate that I love this" playlist is viral video sensation Rebecca Black. How good it must feel to be a teenager who now has word association with everyone's favorite day of the week. I sing her anthem each time Friday rolls around and this week I had the help of Chelsie Hightower, Romeo and Mark Ballas. Our impromptu break time breakdown can be found on YouTube under "Friday (DWTS Remix)" and hopefully you have fun, fun, fun, fun watching it.

When the Red Bull buzz wears off and I am back on the ballroom floor, Ballas has been teaching me the quickstep. I can see where it got the name – it is quick. Quick and not painless. We are dancing to a song that mentions the sun on several occasions, which is fitting since my lungs feel like they are on fire after each run through.

Therefore, my final guilty pleasure for this week is going to be the glass of wine and the What-A-Burger I plan on treating myself to come Monday night. I hope you guys get a little guilt-free pleasure out of our performance!


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